The Kennerleigh Village Shop Recipes

A series of recipes using seasonal produce available from Kennerleigh Village Stores.

Easy, economical, and EGREGIOUSLY EDIBLE!

Swede Curry

Swede and vegetable curry with mushrooms – from Don King
Serves 4 smallish portions, or two large.
Cost: less than £5 (approx.)


• 1 medium swede (20p)
• 1 medium to large onion ( 22p)
• 150g (or 1 medium) cauliflower* (90p )
• 150g mushrooms (£1.32p)
• 1 red pepper (90p)
*or broccoli, or purple sprouting

• four full table spoons curry paste to taste [hot – mild] (whole jar £1.79p )
• water;
• vegetable oil;

For curry sauce add the following to the curry paste:
curry powder, one or two teaspoons to taste.
tumeric, one teaspoon,
coriander or cumin seed, ground, two teaspoons,
chili powder or paprika, one teaspoon,
olive oil [or vegetable oil], two eggcups,
warm water to creamy consistency
(optional) 1 clove garlic, or pinch garlic salt


Peel swede, top, tail and chop into 3cm / 1in cubes
break cauliflower into florets a similar size
quarter the mushrooms ditto
cube the pepper to a similar size, discarding the core and seeds

Cook the swede cubes in a saucepan of water with a little salt until they start to feel tender with a fork - approx 10 mins.

Meanwhile, fry chopped onion at lowest heat in a couple of dessert spoonfuls of vegetable oil in a large pan and turn over once or twice until browning [max. ten mins.] then add remaining vegetables and stir intermittently for 20 / 25 mins. which gives you time to make your own curry sauce:

Grind coriander or cumin seed to near powder and mix with curry powder, tumeric, chilli powder or paprika and add two eggcups of olive or vegetable oil in a small mixing bowl and mix with three or four full table spoons curry paste to taste [hot – mild]. Mix well. Add chopped garlic clove or garlic salt to taste. If the sauce is too thick, add a little warm water.

Add your curry sauce to the vegetables and simmer gently until the 25 to 30 minutes are up, taking care not to overcook the vegetables.

Alternate vegetables to suit what’s in the shop or your kitchen but keep to roughly same proportions.
My curry sauce is the result of experiment. Curry sauces number thousands.
For special occasions offer dishes of chilis and chili seeds in different presentations, hot chili sauce, mild chili sauce etc., coconut flakes, almond flakes, chopped, uncooked diced tomatoes and onion, mixed nuts and sultanas and baked poppadoms – not forgetting rice.


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